Urgent Care

We are pleased to be able to serve Parker as both an urgent care as well as a family medicine clinic. We provide a myriad of services to get you well and keep you healthy.

As an urgent care clinic, we diagnose and treat acute illnesses and injuries as well as sports injuries. We have a digital x-ray unit on-site and trained staff who know how to take the x-rays as well as interpret them. We can do all kinds of procedures including IV’s, suturing, joint injections and aspirations, ingrown toenail repair, pregnancy tests, biopsies, and many other tests and procedures.

For urgent care visits there is no appointment necessary. For family medicine visits we ask that you make an appointment, being seen the same day in most cases, to serve you better.

You will find our staff and clinic to be very warm and friendly and hope that you will feel comfortable and should the need arise, come back to see us.


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Why Not Just Go To The E.R.?

Our Urgent Care facility is intended to treat medical situations that are “urgent” but not life-threatening. Normally, your co-pay will be lower to visit an Urgent Care clinic than to go to an Emergency Room.  We evaluate and treat all kinds of medical conditions.